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We introduced a new feature to our range in early 2016 with organic products.

What are organic products?

Food cultivated without the use of pesticides!
Organic foods have never seen pesticides, which mean they are free of pesticide residue when they reach the consumer. Organic products save nature no less than 90 different types of pesticides.

Organic foods are as nature intended!
The rules for additives in organic foods are much tougher than for non-organic products. Only 49 E numbers are permitted out of a total of 379.

The ‘Ø’ mark means controlled products!
Companies involved in producing, processing, packing, labelling or importing organic products in Denmark and abroad are subject to a whole range of tough requirements they have to meet. For instance, they have to prove that they:


Always keep organic and non-organic products strictly separate in production, in storage and during transport.


Do not sell more organically-labelled goods than can be made from the organic ingredients they have in stock.


Only use organic ingredients when they have inspection papers in order.

Ingredient blends

We also have ingredient blends in our organic range, and constantly add new products. Whole egg powder, milk powder and flour are examples of ingredients that can help you further.

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At Carl J. Nielsen A/S organics also have a better taste

We strive to continuously expand our range of organic products, including ensuring that they are not only sustainable, but TASTE better.

That’s why we include organic herbs and spices in our Tech Spice and Roast Spice ranges.


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