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After a ‘Trend’ event in 2015, our roasting plant became a reality – our Inspirer & Trendsetter put us to the test by recommending that herbs and spices needed extra flavour and aroma. After a number of worries and trials, Roast Spice™ was born.

Roasting spices is not a common technique, but every chef knows the trick – and THEY USE IT!

We gently roast our spices – whole, granulated and powder.

Flavour and aroma are released during roasting, almost magically ‘awaking’ them to the benefit of customers and their products.

Timing is decisive in roasting. Whole and large granules of herbs and spices can tolerate longer roasting than powders, but the flavour is the same – more aromatic.

The value of using Roast Spice products:


We bring out aroma


We intensify a deep flavour


We reduce plate counts – giving longer shelf life to food products


We give added value to an end product


Batch-specific packed spices, herbs and blends of the same, including ORGANIC, of course ☺

We fall within the following bacteriological limits:

Total plate counts max 30.000/g

Mould max 100/g

E. coli max 10/g

Salmonella neg. I 25/g

Yeast max 100/g

Coliforme max 10/g

S. Aureus max 10/g

Listeria neg. I 25/g

Every chef knows the trick – and THEY USE IT!
ROAST SPICE – giving added value to flavour

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