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Low plate count, longer shelf life for the finished product – Tech Spice®
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Tech Spice ® was developed in 1999.

Our aim was to further treat spices to develop a unique process in which flavour and appearance were retained. But we also wanted to reduce microbiology to a lower level, extending shelf life compared to untreated spices.

Our unique Tech Spice process makes spices even more enzyme-neutral, to avoid them affecting stabilisers and consistency additives.

The spices in Tech Spice are individually processed, and are part of our large range of spice blends for visual decoration and flavour.

The benefit of using Tech Spice products:


Longer shelf life for food products


Total plate counts of max. 30,000/g


Make herbs and spices enzyme-neutral


Batch-specific packed spices, herbs and blends of the same

We guarantee the following bacteriological limits:

Total plate counts max 30.000/g

Mould max 100/g

E. coli max 10/g

Salmonella neg. I 25/g

Yeast max 100/g

Coliforme max 10/g

S. Aureus max 10/g

Listeria neg. I 25/g

Tech Spice ®: low microbiology & long shelf life

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