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Product nameOleo-/Aquaresin

Ammonium carbonate E503

Ascorbate E301

Ascorbic acid E300

Baking powder

Beef fat

Beef powder


Brown sugar

Cane sugar

Carragenan E407

Cheddar cheese powder

Cheese powder Italian Style

Cheese powder standard

Citric acid E330

CMC E466

Cream powder


Egg Albumen powder

Egg yolk powder

Full-cream powder


Gelatine Calfskin

Gelatine Fish

Gelatine pigskin

Guar Gum E412

Hen fat

I+G E631+E627

Icing sugar

Kaseinat powder

Lactose powder

LBG E410

Maize starch

Malic acid E296

Mariager Seasalt

Mediterranean salt

Modified Maize starch E1414

Modified Maize starch E1422

Modified Maize starch E1442

MSG E621

Palm sugar

Phosphate E450, E451, E452

Potash E501

Potassium sorbate E202

Potato flakes

Potato starch

Rice starch


Salt coarse

Salt extra fine

Salt fine

Skimmed-milk powder

Sodium benzoate E211

Sodium E500

Sorbic acid E200


Wheat flour

Wheat starch

Whey powder

Whey protein concentrate powder

Whole egg powder

Xanthan Gum E415

Yoghourt powder

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