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Our wide range of dried herbs and spices is founded on years of expertise and experience.

We can compose and blend recipes to meet any specific need. We work with up to 150 different herbs and spices.
Spices, e.g. allspice, cloves, cardamom and paprika, with added herbs such as parsley, dill tips, basil and oregano, are examples of what we work with when it comes to spice mixes. We believe that our most important job is make the product ready to use, so that the amount delivered is exactly equal to a given batch, meaning you can avoid having to adapt the mix between spices, herbs and raw ingredients.

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A wide range of herbs and spices that can be composed to suit in our Product Development Department. And of course – we also sell all our products individually.

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“Jeg har begået mange dumheder, og det har jeg i sinde at blive ved med. Det er dem, der er krydderiet på livet.”

– Brigitte Bardot

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